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Positive Stress Resilience

Skills Of Stress-Ninjas

Stress is an inevitable part of daily life – for some, more than others. Luckily, stress isn’t actually the demon we’ve been led to believe.

When you know how to use it, stress is one of your most powerful motivators – and it can actually improve your health.

In fact, recent research has shown that being low stress is just as unhealthy as being high stress. The key to health, happiness and wellness is learning how to be Stress Resilient.

When we think of stress, we tend to think of a specific type first – emotional distress. But, if we consider the mechanisms of physical and cognitive stress, we might be able to approach emotional stress differently.

When we avoid emotional and cognitive stress, we deprive ourselves of the opportunity to build resilience.

This talk breaks down the different types of stress – Physical (exercise), Cognitive (problem solving) and Emotional (uncertainty) – showing how each type can be used to improve creativity, resilience and overall health.

In just 60 minutes we’ll help transform your team into a pack of Stress Ninjas!

Practical Learning Outcomes

The crucial difference between Stress and Distress

The 4 Approaches to Resilience (and which ones actually work)

How to ‘Hack’ the Stress Mechanism

Using Stress as a Positive Motivator

This topic is best suited to

Anyone who experiences stress 😉

Executives, Sales Teams, Account Managers and Customer Relationship Specialists

Mixed Teams looking for a balance of Personal and Professional Development

Let’s Chat Resilience

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