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Pillars Of Motivation

Goals vs Motivators

There’s a big difference between Goals and Motivators. Goals are a great way to map out a direction and measure your progress – but goals themselves are not inherently motivating.

Here’s a quick example –

My goal might be to lose 5kgs… but regularly being reminded that I still haven’t lost 5kgs isn’t exactly going to motivate me to put down the donut.

All it’s likely to do is make me feel guilty (if I decide to eat the donut anyway). Or cause resentment (if I hold out / deprive myself). Either way, I don’t feel very motivated.

The Motivator, in this hypothetical example, might be that I want to wear my old (tight-fitting) suit to a friend’s wedding.

Thus, the purpose of me eating healthy (and exercising) is to look and feel great at the wedding. The goal (lose 5kgs) is merely a way for me to measure my progress, while the Motivator is the Purpose.

Being reminded of this Purpose is waaaay more powerful than being reminded of my progress (or lack thereof).


The weight loss analogy is carried right throughout the talk to help explain the 4 Pillars of Motivation – creating simple, practical frameworks around intrinsic motivation.

Along the way, we also differentiate pleasure and happiness, showing attendees how to motivate themselves to be happier on a daily basis.

Practical Learning Outcomes

The Practical difference between Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivators

How to use the 4 Pillars of Motivation to Magnify Success

How to Maintain Personal Motivation during Tough Times

Daily Habits and Skills of Motivating Leaders

This topic is best suited to

Sales Teams, Account Managers and Customer Relationship Specialists

Executives, Managers and Team Leaders

Mixed Teams looking for a balance of Personal and Professional Development

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