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Hacking Habits

Pathways Through A Mental Jungle

Habits impact every aspect of our lives – from which side of the bed we wake up on (both literally and metaphorically), to how we approach challenges, manage stress, utilize creativity, adapt to change and what we choose to invest in (health, education, relationships, personal growth etc).

Habits are far more Powerful and Resilient than we realise.

Think of Habits like Pathways Through a (Mental) Jungle. Since our jungle is so dense, cutting a new path is incredibly difficult.

It takes a great deal of effort to hack our way through, especially on our first few attempts. In the first month, the pathway takes so much maintenance, it’s exhausting. This is known as the Activation Energy phase of Habit Formation.

During this period, unless we use the path daily, it slowly becomes overgrown. But, over time, the more we use the path, the wider it gets and the easier it becomes to walk down.

Eventually, some of our paths become so wide and clear, we don’t even have to think while we walk – kind of like how you can sometimes drive home without being 100% attentive.

This analogy helps explain why new habits are so hard to form (it takes enormous, sustained effort to hack out a new pathway) and why it is virtually impossible to break an old habit (habits are physical structures – they may slowly become overgrown, but they never actually disappear).

As a Team Leader, Client Relationships Manager or Salesperson, success is dependent on your ability to create lasting behavioural change. This talk is the first step to becoming a Master of Habits and a Sensei of Change Management.

Practical Learning Outcomes

The 4 Golden Rules to Remember when Creating, Modifying and Changing Habits

How to use Principles of Habit to be more Productive (and influential)

6 Keystone Habits to improve Resilience, Creativity, Relationships and Growth

Practical Tools to Implement and Manage Long-Term Behavioural Change

This topic is best suited to

Executives, Managers and Team Leaders

Sales Teams, Account Managers and Customer Relationship Specialists

Mixed Teams looking for a balance of Personal and Professional Development

Let’s Chat Habits

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