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What Gets Me Psyched..?

Garrick Transell is a Keynote Speaker, Presenter, Yoga Studio Owner and Pragmatist – whose passions revolve around bringing applied social psychology to some of Australia’s largest and most innovative companies.
He speaks, coaches and consults on topics including The Psychology of Habit Formation, The Skills of Leadership, Techniques of Effective Communication, Positive Stress Resilience, Pillars of Motivation, and The Pragmatic Guide to Mindfulness and Meditation. His talks are known for being funny, fascinating and extremely analogy-rich. What makes them really unique though, is their immediate practicality. If you’re looking for a speaker who is going to be impactful, not just merely insightful or inspirational, Garrick is your man.

What gets me Psyched is showing people how a few simple ‘hacks’ can help build the momentum needed to meaningfully improve their health, happiness, resilience, productivity, creativity and, most importantly, their relationships.

In my Conference Keynotes, Offsite Workshops and 1-on-1 Business/Leadership Coaching, I focus on 3 main elements:

1. Simplicity – most of our behaviours (40-45%) are controlled by habit, which are impossible to ‘break’, but relatively easy to modify or replace… if you know the rules of habit formation.

2. Practicality – I use ‘psych hacks’ to help make behavioural change simpler, quicker, easier and more effective. The question I aim to answer is – ‘what is the simplest thing I can do, right now, to spark lasting behavioural change?’

3. Momentum – Keystone Habits are small behaviours which initiate larger behavioural routines. Finding the keystone (of health, happiness, productivity, creativity, resilience etc) is vital to long-term behavioural change and habit formation.

You can find my Conference Keynote Topics below…or…

  • To learn more about my background in clinical rehabilitation, athlete development or business consulting, connect with me on Linkedin
  • To find out how I translate some of these ideas into practical ‘hacks’, check out the Quickie Articles Page
  • Or, to enquire about private business/leadership coaching, contact me on +61 422 216 496

You can contact me using the form below.

Alternatively, call Garrick on +61 422 216 496 or email