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“Garrick’s talk was insightful, hilarious and jam-packed with practical hacks.”

“In our internal survey, 92% of attendees rated the talk as either Absolutely Amazing or Excellent. Thank you for making our 2 days such a success!’
– General Manager @ Commbank

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Conference Keynotes and Workshop Topics

Hacking Habits

Habits may be impossible to 'break', but they're actually relatively easy to modify...if you know how. Find out how the 4 Golden Rules of Habit Modification can help your team be healthier, happier, more motivated, resilient, creative...

Positive Stress Resilience

Stress has become an inevitable part of daily life... for some, more than others. Luckily, stress isn't the demon it's been made out to be. Stress can actually be good for you, provided you know how to build your skills of resilience...

Pillars Of Motivation

There is an important difference between Goals and Motivators. Goals are merely a map, while Motivators are co-pilots. Teach your team how the 4 co-pilots can be used in simple daily tasks to create stable, intrinsic...


Quick Reads

Simple Analogies to Get you Psyched in 5 mins

  • The Tim Tam Effect – Habit Hacks

    Chances are you already know about the importance of setting goals that are S.M.A.R.T – Specific, Measurable, Agreed Upon, R...

  • Reward Bundling – GoT Technique

    Reward bundling is a rather simple and effective way to hack your habits. To understand how (and why) it works, let’s do a ...

  • Emotional Ice Cream

    As a child, I remember thinking why don’t we eat ice cream at every meal? It’s delicious, cheap and abundant. What mo...

  • Conversational Tennis

    Have you ever been in a conversation with someone and felt like you were watching them bang a tennis ball against a wall? Sure you...

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